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The Best Tax Outcome

AATP - Association of Taxation and Management AccountantsWe get you the best tax outcome within the law by ensuring a Public Accountant is always the one to look at your situation and final result. By working closely with our clients through out the year and encouraging them to take advantage of our no cost phone calls , we can ensure transactions that occur during the year are done in a manner that fully utilizes the government’s tax breaks.

DON’T Pay to Call Your Accountant

Our clients have free phone advice from a Public Accountant for queries on normal day to day business transactions. This helps us keep informed about your business and makes sure you are making the right decisions during the year to get the best profit and tax outcomes.

Lower your Accounting Fees!

AATP - Sydney HarbourMost accounting firms are still operating in the old mentality of charging for time.  What this means is you pay for every minute someone in their office touches your work, regardless of how inefficient or incompetent they are.

With other accounting firms you are charged per minute.  Even the time to prepare your bill is added to the final bill.  We do not believe this is the way it should be, imagine paying a price for your groceries that was based on how fast the checkout person was?  Doesn’t seem right does it!  So we establish a price that is fair, and then make sure we have systems in place and suitably qualified persons to make sure we can deliver on time and on budget!

What Fees do We Charge?

 AATP Sydney AustraliaWe initially review your business and will give you a fixed price for any of your tax and accounting needs.

Our fees are very competitive and we are happy to provide a quote, and are confident we can reduce your current accounting fees, whilst providing you with an increased level of service.

Please contact us to discuss a quote on your accounting needs.